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The Johnny Depp libel trial

The Royal Courts of Justice, London

The Royal Courts of Justice in London, where the Depp v NGN and Wootton libel trial is taking place

Depp v NGN and Wootton - court documents

This section is a repository for documentation and evidence from the Depp v NGN and Wootton libel trial which started at the UK High Court on 7 July 2020. The Sun newspaper, owned by NGN, called Johnny Depp a "wife-beater", he says this is untrue and defamatory. They say it is true. This trial, with Mr Justice Nicol presiding, will decide that.


There are transcripts, court documents, and witness statements below. Soon, photos and other media which have been presented as evidence in open court will be posted. You can use them as appropriate within your own jurisdiction. Please note the daily transcripts are "unperfected" which means they may contain slight transcription errors, but in my experience they are more than 99% correct.


My attendance at this trial is crowdfunded through an online tip jar. The story of how I came to cover the Depp libel trial via live-tweets is on this site's blog. If you find the documents below or my live-tweeting useful and would like to make a small donation, please click here.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Opening Statements and Skeleton Arguments

Witness statements

Week 1

Johnny Depp


We have not yet been provided with Johnny Depp's First witness Statement.

Johnny Depp 2

Johnny Depp 3

Officer Melissa Saenz


We have not yet been provided with Officer Melissa Saenz's witness statement.

Week 2

Stephen Deuters

Edward White

Samantha McMillen

Hilda Vargas

Trinity Esparza

Malcolm Connolly

Tara Roberts

Ben King 1

Ben King 2

Kate James 1

Kate James 2

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy 2

Winona Ryder

Vanessa Paradis

Sean Bett

Starling Jenkins

Laura Divenere

Laura Divenere/Amber Heard

covert recording

00:00 / 19:37

Week 3

Amber Heard 1

Amber Heard 2

Amber Heard 3

Amber Heard 4

Amber Heard 5

Amber Heard 6

Amber Heard 7

Josh Drew

Melanie Inglessis

Whitney Henriquez

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