• Nick Wallis

The Wright Stuff tomorrow!

I'm currently on my way to Hawley Crescent to record the penultimate voiceover for this series of Caught on Camera. It launches this Wednesday on Channel 5 at 10pm and then switches to 5Spike the next day at 9pm.

It's a corking first programme and I'm delighted The Wright Stuff have invited me on to talk about it (and the daily news agenda) tomorrow (Tuesday 24 July) at 9.15am for two long hours.

I'm really pleased with how the new series has turned out, which is, of course down to the superb team I've been working with. I also discovered this morning that Caught on Camera is available on Amazon Prime (just in the US?).

With reviews like "Just OK, kinda boring." It really seems to have captured the public's imagination. Enjoy!

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