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The widget you can see above or to the left (depending on whether you are reading this on a desktop or mobile) is a secure portal set up to accept crowdfunding donations (via paypal) for my work on the forthcoming Depp v Heard trial at Fairfax County Court in Virginia, USA in April and May 2022.

Your kind donation will secure you a place on the "Reporting Depp v Heard" mailing list.

Barring circumstances beyond my control, I will fly out to the US on 10 April 2022 to cover the trial.

My method of covering the case will be different to the work I did covering Depp v NGN in July 2020. The trial is being streamed live (either online or via TV) and tweeting from the courtroom is currently prohibited. But there is plenty to be reported and gained from being on the ground, speaking to the parties, court officials and other participants.

If all goes well - and I think there's a good chance it will - I will be in Fairfax County Court, VA on 11 April reporting on the case with objectivity and neutrality, and working full time to bring you documents, transcripts and other useful sources of information.


This is a venture which is not without risk. COVID is still around and restricting movements in some areas. I might be refused entry into the US. The parties may settle whilst my plane is in the air. There could be problems getting into court.


If something happens outwith my control and I don't get on a plane to the US to cover the trial - I will donate every penny I have received to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian appeal and, of course, provide evidence of the donation here and on social mediaI cannot offer refunds. If this prospect is unacceptable to you, please do not donate.


If you do decide to spend your money, you will get plenty of newsletters (one thing I can definitely control), but those newsletters may document my glorious failure to cover the case rather than what I hope will be useful reportage inside and around court. If you want to - why not wait until I have made it to the US and started reporting. You will miss the newsletters leading up to that point, but you will, at least, have the certainty I am there and delivering the goods.


Bearing all the above in mind, please only donate what you can afford, and understand that for your money you will either get missives providing insight and information from in and around Fairfax County Court for the duration of the trial or, if I don't get on a plane, a donation to the people of Ukraine.

Thank you.