Journalism is based on trust. I would not be able to operate effectively if people did not trust me to handle highly sensitive data with diligence and respect. I do not publish material or reveal my sources without their express permission. Any communication or material sent to me will not go any further than me and a small circle of experienced investigative journalists.


I am committed to safeguarding the privacy of my website visitors and those who contact me. I am careful about the information I collect and store, and ensure I do this lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


You may choose to sign up for email updates from me on this and other websites I control (eg,  As part of my commitment to GDPR, you will receive an automated note asking you if you are happy for me to do this at the point you register, and you will be able to opt out at any time in the future, simply by using the 'unsubscribe' link on each email or by emailing me at



My website also uses cookies to understand how visitors to my website behave and to help me improve the overall online experience.  Cookies collect information in an anonymous way, including the number of visitors to my website, how visitors found my site and the pages they look at.  I also use Google Analytics, which allows me to collect information on my visitor demographics. I use the data to help me keep my content relevant.


If you choose to send me information about a potential story, it will be kept in password-protected cloud storage. Nothing will ever be published or sent to any other parties in the story without your express permission, but I may choose to share it with a small number of trusted journalists who can advise on its viability. If you do not want me to share any of the information you have sent me, please let me know. I will fully respect your wishes but it means I am unlikely to be able to do anything with what you've sent me other than read it.


If you receive an email claiming to be from me requesting information such as your personal details, bank details, credit card details or other information of a personal nature that you believe may be suspect, please inform me immediately via


My website may contain links to external sites. I am not responsible for the content nor their privacy and security policies.


From time to time I reserve the right to amend with immediate effect any of the terms of my Privacy and Security Policies by changing it on my website (last updated on July 2020).  For any further questions regarding my Privacy Policy, please contact me at